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Mobile Fitness Business

The ViiV Mobile Fitness Solution

The biggest obstacles to exercise for most people are time and accessibility. Now the workout comes to you! Age in Reverse - quickly build muscle, bone and strength while lowering metabolic age.

A total body strength training workout can be completed in under 5 minutes. Workouts are always at least a week apart so the body has time to recover after stimulating new muscle and bone growth from this maximum intensity exercise. Body composition measurements will show continuing improvements.

With the ViiV App, all exercise data is stored in the Cloud to track strength training gains over time for every Trainee.

Our Patent-Pending Torque Frame™ technology achieves digitally-calibrated accuracy up to 3000 lbs. for each exercise - all on one compact, stationary machine (100" L x 32" W x 66" H).

This means almost any high-roof cargo van or similar vehicle can be used to provide on-demand fitness to your clients.

Thinking of Starting a Mobile Fitness Business?

Cost Analysis

• Lease-to-Own ViiV-Rx Payment: ~$300/mo.

• High-Roof Cargo Van Payment: ~$550/mo.

• Insurance: ~$150/mo.

• Advertising: ~$1,000/mo.

• Gas: ~$200/mo.

• Miscellaneous: ~$50/mo.

Monthly Overhead: ~$2,250/mo. x 12 months = $27,000/yr.

12-Month Estimated Revenue:

New Clients:
10/mo. x $150/mo. each = $1,500/mo.

Month 1 Revenue: $0
Month 2 Revenue: $1,500
Month 3 Revenue: $3,000

Month 12 Revenue: $16,500

Estimated Net Profit Year 1: $72,000
isometric leg press