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By Brian Murray, M.Ed.
Director of Clinical Research, ViiV Fitness

Let's make a deal.

You give me your clients for one month and I'll give you my clients for...wait, let's just make that one week. That's all it will take anyway.

Want to know what will happen?


Well, my clients will end up hating me and begging to come back and your clients will be asking you why you've been hiding the ViiV from them all this time as they walk out the door.

Remember, I've said many times that if given a choice between the drudgery and negative side effects of making weights go up and down and the ease, energizing feeling and life-changing results of giving an all-out effort for 5 seconds on the ViiV, people will choose the ViiV way almost every time.

So in a recent email from a soon to be ViiV owner and client pleaser, my prediction is validated...again:

"I have about 35% of my clientele who have already said they’d convert to pure isometrics once I purchase. I also have a few that will only do isometrics now...and have said they’ll never go back to movement based exercises."

Uh oh. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't trade with me.

Maybe you should join me.

What are you waiting for?


"I love my ViiV! (and not wasting my life working out).

Hanging out on an island beach last week."

-Brian Murray, M.Ed.
Director of Clinical Research, ViiV Fitness
53 years old

Brian Murray - Cumberland Island 2021


By Rob Schweitzer
Founder, ViiV Fitness

We have cracked the code! The most frequently asked question from potential ViiV-Rx customers is: "Do you have a marketing program for this?"

Now the answer is YES!

We have spent the past several years testing different ads and offers and have finally developed a phenomenal marketing program for ViiV-Rx owners that want or need help building their business. We now have a Hero Ad and marketing campaign that we can duplicate in almost any size market and guarantee the results!

Here's how it works:

We purchase a special domain name and build a website customized to your business (with your logo). We build out an Ad Campaign on Facebook (we will build a FB Page for your business if you don't already have one) and we pay for the all of the ad spend and manage the campaign for you. The ad is targeted to senior women in your local market (10 mile radius) for a 'First 2 Sessions Free' offer.

Results are approximately 10 leads (appointment requests) per month at an ad spend of $500/month. Of these ~10 leads, between 2 and 5 will become paying clients at an average of $100/month and continue for an average of 12 months. We guarantee at least 2 paying clients will result from this campaign per month.

ROI of this campaign is over 400%, based on a minimum of 2 paying clients at an average Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) of $1200/client.

The cost for the ViiV Fitness Marketing Program is $500/month with a 3 month minimum commitment and a one-time $250 set up charge. For those with larger budgets, we can increase the monthly ad spend to acquire more clients faster.

We are very confident in the success of this program and can duplicate it in any US market. Therefore, we are offering our Iron-Clad Guarantee: At least 2 paying clients/month or the next month is free!

Refer to the Infographic below:

ViiV Marketing Program Infographic