By Brian Murray, M.Ed
Director of Clinical Research, ViiV Fitness

Roger Waters with Rob Schweitzer

The short of it is: He likes the motionless style and simplicity of the ViiV-Rx. Despite owning a room full of exercise equipment, he hates working out. "I'm a musician, not an athlete," Roger said. He loves that he only needs a ViiV session once a week or even less. It's exactly what he wants.

Roger is no longer
another brick in the wall. He gets it. He knows what feels right.

A ViiV session feels right because it mimics a natural human reflex designed to energize the body, increase alertness, and elevate our sense of well being. It satisfies a primal urge.

We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control

Mother Nature has our back. We just need to trust what she is telling us.

We want to feel good. We have better things to do with our time. We don't want to make weights go up and down. We don't want to be sore. We don't want a "workout hangover." Besides, what leads up to that is not nearly as much fun as what we can't remember lead up to a real hangover.

no dark sarcasm in the classroom.

If given a choice between a ViiV session and all the other options out there, the millions of people in this country who desperately need help getting on the path to improved health and physical fitness will choose ViiV every time.
How can they not? It's a powerful visceral connection. The results are much better too.

is there anybody in there?
nod if you can hear me
is there anyone home?

When the 'rona closed everything down, Roger wanted something for his home. When he found the ViiV he was so eager to have one immediately that instead of waiting for us to build him a brand new one, he decided to buy our demo unit.

What was he doing before the ViiV?

Roger was working with a personal trainer on the ARX, but not in isometric mode. He was moving against resistance through a full range of motion, just like we are told to do. And then he found the ViiV. Game over.


Like I said, if given a choice between ViiV and anything else most people will choose ViiV every time. It feels natural.

Want to know what finally sealed the deal for Roger? Metabolic Age.

Roger was sold on the concept of being able to turn back the hands of time metabolically. With the ViiV you can change the trajectory of the aging curve by activating your primitive neuromuscular connection, becoming ridiculously strong, preserving your lean body mass and improving your body composition.

Swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have we found?

There is a better way and ViiV Fitness is proving it. The change is here and it's growing.
Why stay on the dark side of the moon? Step into the light and provide your patients/clients with what they really want and need. Like Roger, many more people will discover ViiV and the life-changing results that incredible simplicity can provide. Don't be left behind.

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
Run Like Hell
The Happiest Days of Our Lives are near
Feel the new wind of change

With ViiV there's nothing to fear

Great to have you on board Roger.
Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.