By Brian Murray, M.Ed.
Director of Clinical Research, ViiV Fitness

Fast Velocity Resistance Training

Did you know you can train fast without any movement whatsoever?

I recently stumbled upon a 2019 review article published in Strength and Conditioning Journal titled: "Why Fast Velocity Resistance Training Should Be Prioritized for Elderly People". This small review of 56 studies compared the improvements in muscle strength, power output, explosive force, muscle mass, and functional capacity after resistance training with slow or fast contraction velocities in older adults. 

The Summary?

Fast velocity resistance training is superior for improving maximal isometric strength, power output, explosive force, and functional capacity; all things that every person needs and should strive for, no matter what their age or level of physical fitness.  

But why are the results better with fast velocity training?

The Rate of Force Development is faster.

And so I realized this paper could easily be re-titled: "Why Five Seconds of All Out Isometric Effort Should be Prioritized for Everyone".


Five seconds of maximum isometric effort on the ViiV-Rx and intentionally moving a weight as fast as possible have something in common: the rate of force development is fast.

This is important. 

The faster rate of force development makes people more powerful, capable, and independent by protecting the larger, stronger neuromuscular units that become inactive and largely account for age-related weakness (See my previous article titled AGE-RELATED WEAKNESS: NERVE OR MUSCLE).

Roughly 80% of our population doesn't get any exercise. About 50% are Baby Boomers, the group of people that desperately need improved power output and functional capacity the most.

With ViiV, we have the ability to make older individuals more powerful without any movement whatsoever, and this capability is then ready and waiting for them to use as they move throughout their daily activities. 

Our bodies need to move regularly, but we can become better movers with a few seconds of no movement.