By Brian Murray
Director of Clinical Research, ViiV Fitness

It only takes a few seconds of maximum isometric effort to change a body for the better. 

time under tension

Periodically I randomly select a person who needs the life-changing effects of a ViiV-Rx isometric exercise session and make them an offer they can't refuse: "If you show up on time and give me your best effort I will meet with you once a week for the next 6 weeks at no cost to you." 

Recently I started working with Jill; a very deconditioned version of Jill. She has liver disease, she is diabetic, she is obese, she has had a combined 18 surgeries on the heart and vascular system, and back pain makes walking difficult. She's not in good shape.

We began on Friday October 25th at 9AM. I took her through a ViiV circuit consisting of chest press, leg press, core pull, and vertical lift. She gave her best effort for 10 seconds at each station.  

Four days later, a coworker saw Jill one morning in the office and commented that she looked different. "She said I looked happy, was more energetic, and that i was walking with a bounce in my step," Jill stated. 

How could this person notice these changes? Jill told no one what she had done four days earlier, in fact, part of our deal was that she would not tell anyone what she was doing until she completed the six week program.

Thin-slicing is a term used in psychology to describe our ability to make quick inferences about the characteristics of an individual with minimal information. In other words, from just a quick glance at someone we can recognize major changes.

Jill's coworker instinctively and immediately knew something was different about Jill. In fact, it is most likely that in a matter of seconds, several pieces of information about Jill's characteristics or deviation from her normal pattern of presentation could have quickly been synthesized into making the general statement, "you look different."

Results from just a brief ViiV session happen this fast. But how?

Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. This is a natural and essential process for proper biological functioning.

Exercise, even in small doses, is known to effect gene expression for improved markers of health. Since our bodies are constantly taking in information about our environments and changing gene expression on the fly at all times in our life it makes perfect sense why just a few seconds of maximum isometric effort would trigger noticeable changes in how an individual looks and acts.

I have witnessed this immediate change in clients for nearly 17 years. All of them have one thing in common: just a few seconds of their best effort each week.

Obviously someone noticed a change in Jill, and now three weeks after her first few sessions others have noticed a change in Jill as well. Even Jill's sister, who had not seen Jill in nearly 4 months couldn't believe how much better she was walking. And no, she still has not told anyone what she is doing. 

Jill is experiencing a change in genetic expression that is taking her down a path of health and vitality. Moving better, feeling better, looking better. What is happening on the inside is radiating outward. All this from a few seconds of her best isometric effort at four stations on the ViiV-Rx once a week. And it's only the beginning.

See for yourself.