By Brian Murray
Director of Clinical Research, ViiV Fitness

In my last article titled
"Why Short Duration All-Out Isometrics Are The Natural Thing To Do," I made the connnection between pandiculation and maximum effort isometric contractions.

This builds on that.

To review, pandiculation is something you most likely do each morning upon waking. It's that stretch and yawn that makes you feel so good. Pandiculation is a reflex that is hardwired into all vertebrates that prepares our bodies for movement by waking up the sensory-motor system. After a period of inactivity it restores voluntary control over our musculature by sending feedback to our brain regarding the state of the myofascial system. Although it appears to be a stretch, it is not. It involves rapid development of maximal or near-maximal muscular contraction followed by a rapid decrease in tension. This occurs within a few seconds and produces a sense of well-being.

So how does all this relate to how you should feel after a workout? Well, pandiculation and super-brief-all-out isometric contractions are strikingly similar in many ways, but especially with respect to how you feel when it's over.

For the past 17 years I have had my clients give an all-out isometric effort for 5 seconds at 4 stations, and after all these years I still hear them say,
"I always feel so good after this workout."


They have done something that closely resembles a natural reflex designed to energize the body, increase alertness, and prepare for vigorous and fluid movement.

Talk about a biohack.

Alert, energized, ready to move, even euphoric (like after an orgasm as one client told me). This, THIS, is how you should feel after a workout.
Do you get this after a conventional weight lifting workout?

Hell no.

You're probably deeply fatigued, shaky, ready for a nap, and the fun has just started. As part of your workout hangover the next few days will bring soreness that prevents you from moving the way you normally do.

HIIT Workout

I remember those days; don't miss those days; have never felt the desire or need to go back to those days. You will get there too.

So if given a choice, which of these options would your current and future clients choose? If they can get the same benefits from something that leaves them feeling fantastic, and they will, why would they want to endure the discomfort, technique-laden requirements, and potential joint issues associated with moving weights up and down?

Remember, we're talking about what they want, not what you want.

Why not get in the game now? Sooner rather than later you will need to offer this type of exercise in order to compete. Believe me, it's coming.

The ViiV-Rx Isometric Machine is an affordable, compact, all-in-one option. With the ViiV you will have the ability to offer your clients exercise they desperately need without any of the negative connotations. Imagine that, no down side? In less than 60 seconds a week?

They will love you for that.

The ViiV way is gaining attention and spreading rapidly. When it yields great results and makes people feel so good how can it not?

I know you're ready for something fresh and exciting.

The ViiV-Rx is it.